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REIunite is an online community that strives to connect real estate professionals through the use of technology. The goal of the group is to share information, educate investors of all experience levels, and bring together all real estate groups/professionals of New Jersey.
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Oct 3, 2016

Show Notes

-What is expansion development?
-Niche: "Add a levels"
-Key factors to look for
-Research and evaluating
-Some advantages vs ground up development
-Important team members (Architect & Engineer)
-Step by step walk through
-Fail small & fail often


Learn & Earn:

Aug 19, 2016

Show Notes:

-Investing in notes vs investing in real property
-Benefits of note investing (being the bank)
-Why banks will sell notes at a discount
-Nonperforming & Subperforming notes
-Why notes sell at these cheap
-Where to buy notes
-Note "lingo"
-Servicing the note & Serving companies
-Rough costs of Serving per asset
-Borrower management, Attorney Management, Servicer Management
-Pro's of investing in notes
-Con's with investing in notes
-Foreclosure costs

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May 18, 2016

Show Notes:

Managing Contractors

-Marketing through various channels to find new contractors
-Have them bid against each other
-Sends out sample projects and has the contractor fill out a price sheet
-Master price sheet determines averages for material and labor cost
-Match price sheet up with contractors
-*Always get references*
-Calls up insurance company to see if they have any fraud or anyone hurt on the job
-Also reach out to consumer fairs department (any lawsuits against that contractor, how long they've been licensed, any accidents etc.)
-Newbies: focus on learning the contracting business, the lingo etc.
-Make sure to check progress and keep pressure on
-Quick to fire contractors when encountering certain issues
-Calendar & timeline agreed with the contractors
-Daily reports and visits to property
-Walk through video and detailed photos when milestone is completed
-Payment schedules
-Have contractor setup material list through their supplier - Pay supplier directly
-First Phase - Clean out, emergency repairs, demo. Payment released when completed
-7-13% held back from job for typically 7 days after the C/O
-The C/O will tell you everything and make sure it's turnkey ready
-Contractor must send in lien waiver (signed by all subcontractors and suppliers)
-Have attorney develop contracts for your company (don't use the contractor's)
-Make sure contractor has required insurance policy
-Have your property and company added to their insurance policy
-Modification of blue print is likely when working on various projects
-Contractor can make or break the deal


-Hire a professional stager to stage all common areas
-Done a 1-1.5 weeks after construction completed
-$2,500-$4,000 for staging
-Always have in contract for contractor to leave job site left broom swept clean
-Photography (costs between $500-$900)
-Always does before and after photos
-Drone video footage included in part of the marketing material
-Find stagers similar to finding contractors also local REIA's
-If stager has a warehouse, visit in warehouse in person
-Obtain price sheets from stager


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Eric Moeller

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Apr 14, 2016

Show Notes:

-Challenges with Short Sales (current and past)
-Deed restrictions
-20% cap profit under 90 days
-Entertaining a short sale when seller not behind on payments
-Second lien holders capped at $6k for Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac loans*
-Old techniques of getting around the hold period
-Wholesaling Short Sales
-Release and Termination of Contract
-Re-marketing the property on the MLS
-Right to review the offers
-Homeowner lists the property, Investor review the offers
-"Bad News Good News" Phone call
-Compensation to the investor
-Getting creative
-Your short sale negotiator
-Attorney's and short sales
-Working with Agents
-Explaining the process
-*Quick Off Topic Political Discussion*
-Targeting agents to get started
-Explaining to agents in more detail
-Further attorney discussion

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Brian Meara's Investor Entourage

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Mar 18, 2016

Show Notes


-Importance of Private Money
-Differences between Hard Money and Private Money
-When to start raising money
-Hypothetical deals (if none are on the table)
-Becoming part of different networks
-Volunteer work, Master mind groups
-Connecting on other levels (not just business)
-Create a platform
-Cultivating relationships
-What to ask money partner prospects
-Handling objections
-Structuring conversation based on the Investor-"Listen"
-Pooling money
-Paperwork, forms, etc.
-Managing existing relationships (monthly calls & emails)



Feb 9, 2016

Will Holly is a licensed broker providing investors with turnkey solutions and rebuilding communities

-First purchase apartment conversion
-Creating relationships with the town
-Introduction to town official and creating a plan
-Proven track record to get in the door
-Working with the town to create synergy for flipping homes anad their long term plan for redevelopment areas
-Turn key solutions
-Same process for rehabbing the houses
-Structure of the deals
-Foundation money and long term strategy

Resources and Links:

12 Month Coaching program ($99/month)

Turnkey Solutions for Investors